• Our ever ready Team

    Meet the current Office Bearer.

  • Prof. Abhay Prasad Singh

    Our Convenor


    Dr Abhay Prasad Singh, Programme Officer of PGDAV NSS UNIT, is a Fructuous author. He has written a number of research articles in national and international journals. He has 7 books to his credit that are taught in Central Universities in India. Currently, he has finished his project work on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana( PMJDY); and working on another project- Centrally Sponsored Schemes in India(Leverhulme, European Union).

    Anupam Gaurav



    You have chosen the road less travelled by, which needs more effort and where dark nights are longer but then what it is for if you are not living and dreaming someone else's dream", These are words of our practical dreamer , down to earth and cheerful president. This guy beats the clock and work till 4 in the morning and greets the sun with smile. Obsessed with music , travelling and social service his dream projects are, " Give and Earn" to relaunch this child education startup and "Sahas" , Women empowerment programme. Curled by the habit of digging a field until and when he gets fully satisfied and strike gold , his confidence speaks for his chromatic personality. Best thing about him is - He crack out silly jokes, you can hangout with him to have your favorite meal or simply talk life which make him for a friend than a president.

    Parveen Dhiman

    Vice President


    The point which I want to make is that being a part of N.S.S family, expect nothing like life changing or everything will be upside down right after you start. Patience is the key and all I can tell you that NSS gives you a chance where you can do whatever you ever wanted to and you can explore yourself beyond the limits. My passion for technical stuff is something i started with and in these three years, NSS furnished me to such a level that now i know for what i have to stand for.