• Sevaarth

    20th January 2017

    You really want to hear about it, the first thing you will probably want to know is where I was born…


    Originated from Spain, the word VISAGE put emphasis on cheerful faces including the most vital ingredient of nature, water, the fore bringer of life, comes from the very first rivers, attracted different sapiens to colonise these rivers and thus forming different civilizations. Slowly and gradually the evolution started and founded different cultures. These cultures had attributed their way of living through the architecture symbolising the monuments and hence giving rise to various festivals and rituals which is the base of India, with India comes secularism, where these different cultures are integrated as a whole. With time, and with our ignorant attitude, the basic problems of the society grew. Starting with sanitation problems, unemployment, illiteracy, caste discrimination and many more, have uprooted the basis of Indian origin.

    At NSS PGDAV, we respect our diversified cultures and their origins. We want to elevate these values with their origins and instill the belongingness and responsibility towards the cultures and traditions which are weakened. The mere spread of inspiration regarding the same will bring about a huge revelation, hence, we focus on doing the same by the medium of Sevaarth’17.

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    It is not doing the thing we have to do, but liking the thing we have to do that makes life blessed - Goethe


    If capturing what is hidden from the world is your love, this event is just going to be an ultimate destination for you. Summoning all the shutterbugs to the arena of SEVAARTH for the clash we will make sure to make it smooth as a roller coaster ride. Stakes are high and so are the rewards .Get embattled and follow the rules to avoid any damages.

    Rules for the 1st round:

    ◆ Individual entry and no group entry.

    ◆ 1 picture per individual.

    ◆ Only picture through DSLR.

    ◆ Picture should be related to the theme i.e. Visage of India.

    ◆ Participant should be a college student and not professional photographer.

    ◆ Like our NSS page and also share our page on your wall.

    ◆ It’s necessary to provide the ISO, Aperture and shutter speed of your snap; then only the registration will be done.

    FORTUNE FORGAGING (Treasure Hunt)

    In this game of thrones, there's a lot at stake where you can win money and fame. BEG, BORROW AND DEAL and turn the table upside down. The participants will be given a list of things. "WE WILL NAME IT, YOU HAVE TO BRING IT, BRING IN BOUNDED TIME FRAME". This will be our preliminary round for TREASURE HUNT. LOVE MYSTERIES? DOES SHERLOCK FASCINATES YOU? The next and final round will be your chance to unravel some of the deadliest mysteries. The city is on fire and now it's on you to fight this global threat - TERRORISM. BRING YOUR SWORDS AND WILLPOWER for this socio-fun group event based on your creative and mental ability to solve the case study .

    Entry fee : ₹10 per person

    Time- 12:30 pm

    1. Registrations can be done either online or offline. On the spot registrations are allowed.
    2. Any college student can participate in this event. Troops can be formed of different college students.
    3. The game is divided into two rounds each with a restricted time limit.
    4. Total troops to be qualified for the game are 60.
    5. Each troop can have minimum 2 and maximum 4 numbers of agents.
    6. The search is going to be held in and around the college campus.
    7. All the troops would be closely observed by our volunteers so anyone caught cheating would be disqualified immediately.


    Enact (Street Play)

    Aao Aao….
    soye hue logon ko jagao!
    Apna naatak dikhao
    Badi si janta ko khoob lubhao..
    Samaaj ki samasyaon ko saamne lao
    SEVAARTH’17 is back! With all new fun, we are organizing ENACT – Street Play Competition on 20th Jan for all street play lovers. Come and explore yourselves and win some cash prizes!
    Act well your part there all the honor lies.
    Our aim is to make people aware of the social problems persisting in our society through a street play called as Nukkad Natak
    Time- 11:30pm
    Things you will be required to bring along:
    1)Your college ID (in case you don't have one,any photo ID would do)
    2) Costumes and props are allowed, nothing will be provided from our side.
    3)No restriction on musical props.
    Important Information:
    1. Registrations are to be done through app only.
    2. Participation in the event is not only restricted to DU students. Other universities are free to participate.
    3. It is not necessary that the participating team should belong to the Dramatic society of their college.
    4. Team can have a minimum of 10 & maximum of 20 participants.
    5. Time limit: Teams should restrict their play in 15 min max time.
    6. Teams will be disqualified for exceeding the time limit.
    7. Language of the play: Teams can use English/ Hindi as the language of their play. Indecent language is not allowed.
    8. Judge's decision will be final.
    9. Team limit is 8 and after that 2 team will go in the waiting list.
    10. All the selected teams will get the confirmation by 19th January,2017.
    11. SLOTS will be given on 20st Jan at 10:00 AM sharp , so please be on time to avoid any delays.


    The Junkathon


    Does these words evoke your inner bidder? In this Game Of Thrones, play by the rules, recycle and reuse!

    THE JUNKATHON will change your mindset, here you'll have a chance to use magic of your own creativity and put life into waste. Let us give you a chance to bid and buy waste and showcase what you can pull out of it. Money matters my friend and what if you have to buy garbage using it? How far you'll go to increase your amount to buy waste. Prepare the quizzer inside you because it's a situation to earn or loose it all.
    Participate in pair or trio to try and increase the given amount by using your quizzing skills so that you can bid for more material to sprinkle your magic on.

    Things you will be required to bring along:
    1)Your college ID (in case you don't have one,any photo ID )

    Important Information:
    1.The game is divided into Three parts:
    -Best out of Waste
    2. At max. 3 members can participate.
    3.Only one member from each team is allowed to participate in first two rounds i.e. Quiz and Bid and these members should be different.
    4.Participants can bring their own:stationery, cardboard, colors, adhesive,charts/coloured sheets.
    5. Judges decision will be final.
    Best quizzer nd bidder will be felicitated along with winners.

    Mini Militia : Get Ready Militians


    Rules :
    1. No hacked versions allowed.
    2. Entry will be on the basis of first come first serve.
    3. Maximum 8 players allowed per game.
    4. Entry per game/per person ₹20.
    5. Winner of each game will be awarded.
    6. Purchases from store will not be entertained in Arena 1 and Arena 2, however it is allowed in Arena 3.
    7. In last top 6 players will be selected that have won maximum games and will compete there off , winner will be awarded.

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