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Happy Diwali

Festival of lights from a different perspective.

Its Diwali Time!!!
The festival of lights has been mutated so much that diya gradually got replaced by candles and then by electric lamps. We are pacing up the on ladder of modernization so fast that we don't even realize how severely we are demolishing this precious eco system! The festival of light and prosperity has now become festival of noise, hazards, and chocked up atmosphere.
We feel that there is absolutely no reason left to keep the cracker culturestill up. Time has changed and its calling us to change as well. India (or world) 100 years ago is not the same. The environment with various kinds of pollutants in it has become like a ticking time bomb which is ready to explode any day, any time.
Particulate matter mixed with smoke from automobiles is already choking Delhi enough. Lungs are to bound to breathe fire. The crackers burst not only pollutes by contaminating the air, but also pollutes the land. Even a small spark is enough to set ablaze a whole region, and cause accidents. We believe that all of us are well educated and smart enough to realise the fact that all these years we have been so ignorant and self-centred. Why not stop this nuisance?
Diwali is the festival of lights and we must enlighten our lives with the sparkle of joy and goodwill. This Diwali, let's refrain ourselves from bursting crackers. Let's celebrate the victory of Lord Rama by decorating our homes and illuminating them with earthen lamps like never before.

We, The NSS Team of PGDAV College, Wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous Deepawali... :)

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