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    4th - 9th September


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    Thank you for Making Sevaarth what it is!

    Time and tide waits for none, we all learnt this proverb in our primary school but yesterday I experienced something contradictory to my learning. I saw the time stopping and taking a moment to absorb what was happening around? And guess what was it, it was you, the participants, the audience of Sevaarth whose overwhelming response took the event to a whole new level. You made the mighty time get adrenaline rush.

    This year we brought in many technical advancement to our NSS unit. We launched our mobile app, website. We facilitated user with many problem solving features. We had more number of volunteers than previous year. Our reach set a new record in the history of all NSS Unit with a growth rate of more than 17,000%. As Sevaarth '17 ended in a great way, we are much more inspired by the work of every people who put their day and night in making sure you get what we have to offer. We are humbled by the response of people. The people accepted our work with much more enthusiasm.

    We owe a great deal to our sponsers Little App, PaisaWapas, DCOP, DSB, Internsala, Nestle, SelfDrives.in, CareerLauncher, Student Stories, The Education Tree, DU Beat, Drama Cafe who chose to stay with us everytime and keep us going forward .
    Thank you to all.

    We have a aim. We have people who craves great passion. And, these two thing is advancing us to a new level each and every day. Every day, we innovate. Every day, NSS puts a positive value in this society. Our people are here to help. They are here to make a better world for each and every person out there. No matter what's your race, nationality, religion, we will make sure that you get what you deserve. And, you are connected with resources, proper education. In the coming years, NSS Unit of P.G.D.A.V College will get into different areas of society from education to a better health care by acting as a bridge by them.

    Sevaarth was not just a fest. It was looked upon as an opportunity to showcase the talent of people who choose stay away from limelight in front of great personalities like our chief guest Mr. Varun Pruthi. Sevaarth seemed to have touched its highest point with all the fun, the immense hard work and representing our culture from a different prespective.
    We promise to bring you a more vibrant version of Sevaarth next year. Stay updated with us. Adios!


    Registration open for Sevaarth Events (App + Website)

    As our annual fest “SEVAARTH” is imminent on 20th January, the registration for all the diverse events is open now ! There are many fun and social events to patronize and here's a chance to win exciting prizes. So for more details, click on our link Sevaarth and registrations for all the events can be done through both the App and the website. Hit on download button from Google Play Store and be a part of our NSS CARAVAN.....


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    Register here.

    For more info, go to Sevaarth.

    Communal Harmony campaign (status : completed)

    Observance of the Communal Harmony Campaign Week from 19th - 25th November.​

    Extravaganza (status : completed)

    Grab your seats to witness a whole new chapter unfolding in the history of NSS unit of P.G.D.A.V. college!!!

    The event will be graced by the presence of eminent personalities which are the epitome of social service -
    Omkar Nath a.k.a. Medicine Baba,
    Sajan Abrol and Naman Ahluwalia (Founder of Clothes Box Foundation).
    So mark your calendars.


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